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A little bit about me

By day, I'm a full-time student working to complete my B.S. degree with a dual concentration in Telecommunciations, Networking & Security and Information & Knowledge Management at James Madison University. In the evenings, you can find me prowling the hot and cold aisles of the data center, ready to tackle network outages and handle any problem thrown at me.

When not buried in a book or behind the glow of a computer monitor, I enjoy hiking, cooking, camping, motorcycles and craft beer.

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What makes me tick


I began my journey into Linux back in 2006 and have never looked back. My daily driver runs a dual-boot of Ubuntu 16.04 and Arch, but I'm just as comfortable in a terminal as I am in a GUI.


The TNS courses at JMU sparked my passion for networking, and I hope to pursue a career in this field in the near future

Problem Solving

When presented with a challenge or issue, I usually have multiple solutions in my head and work through them systematically and methodically. Friends joke that my brain is wired similar to a 'choose your own adventure' novel.


I take my passion for tech and problem solving and try to help others whenever possible. I've found it's important to talk to people, not at them.


When working on a problem, I take detailed notes and usually write myself a summary once resolved. I write all my documentation so that I can forget all about a topic, pick it back up a year later and not have any issues or questions.

Side Projects

Never content with learning a limited amount of skills, I am constantly working on side projects and expanding my skills and knowledge. At any given time, I have between five and ten active projects


My education and experience.


B.S. ISAT - Telecommunications, Networking & Security/Information & Knowledge Management

Intensive degree with a dual concentration in TNS & IKM. Breadth of exposure ranging from environment and energy to biotechnology and engineering/manufacturing, with a targeted focus on networking, cybersecurity, web development, Agile software development, programming (Python), databases and machine learning.

James Madison University

2011 - 2017


Infrastructure Services Analyst, II

Multi-faceted role operating in a LEED Silver-certified, Tier III data center. Responsible for equipment installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair, as well as maintaining and providing training on CCTV and access control systems. Additional responsibilities include managing a portfolio of a dozen remote Anthem locations and enforcing local, state and federal fire & safety regulations, as well as Anthem internal policies under guidance from senior members of the Data Center Management (DCM) team.


2012 - Current
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